Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring Cleanse Day 1 - What's for Lunch?

I went to yoga. I prepared a travel mug of yogi tea with a little maple syrup and a dash of milk to revive me after class. It was perfect. I also brought an orange, which was not perfect.

Now it's lunch and I'm hungry. Having half a pineapple. I need to be careful not to eat too much citrus or I'll end up with a sore mouth. And I need something other than this pineapple for lunch. Oooh, maybe some lightly steamed cauliflower? Except that 1.5 cups of cauliflower apparently has 43 calories.

Things to remember:
1. I have 30 pounds of excess weight on me and am not going to keel over and die during 2 days of fruits and veggies.
2. There are plenty of calories in these foods to sustain me during this time.
3. There is plenty of variety to keep my attention.
4. Reading restaurant menus on-line isn't a good activity.
5. Pause. Breathe. Drink water. Breathe again.
6. There is plenty of food in the house if you need to eat it. Go outside and do something else.

So far I've had about 600 calories today. I may have some rice at dinner. My stomach is not used to eating huge volumes of food, I'm more of a smaller serving, concentrated nutrients sort of eater.

Steamed cauliflower with Braggs = yum.

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