Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Like Kripalu, But With More Driving

(rocky place with Ganesha at Kripalu. Taken by me. Fall 2008)

Today was like a day at Kripalu, but with work and driving (and Biggest Loser on Hulu while I clean the kitchen later.)

I had acupuncture after work. I think she found the point that will cure all my ills. When she put the needles in my wrists it hurt! And continued to "feel heavy" as she put it while I lay there, lucid dreaming, my hands and feet twitching every so often, falling deeper and deeper into the most supreme relaxation and then - just like that - awake, energized.

My meals have been perfect today. Just what I am needing. After work, I had a small bowl of musli with milk because I wanted to go to yoga class and was feeling a bit yucky. I figured my choices were: have musli & milk and an apple, feel good and go to yoga, or stay home and fix some veggies. So, I opted for the former.

Yoga was awesome. It was at a new-to-me studio called Art & Soul Space. It borders a wildlife habitat so the whole time you are doing yoga you can watch the gulls flying, the cardinals hopping about in a bush and the marsh grasses swaying in the wind. It was a nice hatha yoga class with some little old ladies, but what sealed it for me was the calf squeeze and head massage given by the teacher during savasana. Holy cow, what a way to end class. I will be back.

Of course I was dreaming about cauliflower and steamed some when I got home. But I wanted something more substantial so I also boiled a couple of small red potatoes and sauteed some mushrooms and onions, and sprinkled it all with rosemary and salt and pepper. As good as the fajitas I was imagining on the way home. (I don't know why I was imagining fajitas.) One bowl, and I feel good. I go back for a second bowl and pause before eating. Am I hungry still? Do I just want to eat a mushroom and really taste it? And then put the bowl back down. The food will be there in a few minutes if I'm still hungry. My hunger will be there tomorrow if there is still food. Pause. Breathe.

Why have I neglected vegetables for so long? Is it because they create scraps that I then have to truck out to the compost pile? Because they aren't in my fridge usually so I have to remember to buy them? Because they need to be cleaned and chopped and meat can just be thrown in a pan? Because it was winter and all I wanted to eat were root vegetables and hearty greens? Oh, how my body is longing for the asparagus and bitter greens of spring. Soon. Soon.

Realizing I'd better get started cleaning the kitchen and will probably have to watch the Biggest Loser in 2 parts, since it won't be done until 9:30 which is late!

Good night!

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