Monday, April 12, 2010

3 pounds!

I've lost 3 pounds. That is no small feat. Now, much of it may be water weight - my system was bloated with water I think from all the salt I had been eating (I love salt). But with mostly fruits and veggies yesterday, and a lot of water, and my magic yogi tea, and yoga with twists, my system was wrung out and some of the excess water I've been lugging around is gone!

I'm having coffee this morning. I put just a little maple syrup in it instead of my usual white sugar. It's less sweet in a nice way.

I had planned on having museuli with milk for breakfast, thinking I needed grains, but I'm feeling not too hungry so I think I'll just listen to my body and see what it wants, instead of mindlessly making and eating my breakfast.

The nutritional round-up for yesterdays meals was:
Cals. 1360 (what Sparkpeople says is the minimum per day for me. Probably could have eaten fewer and been ok)

Fat 30 grams (I had a hardboiled egg at breakfast, and some milk throughout the day, and the rice had some ghee in it. The cleanse is supposed to be non-fat, but that is about half the fat I normally have in a day, so I'm ok with it.)

Carbs: 217 grams (range is 181-262.)

Protein: 51 grams (much lower than I usually eat, and below the SP range of 60-141. But not bad.)

Fiber: 38 grams. I usually eat around 20, ideal is 25-25, so this was a good change.

Overall, I feel good and ready to take on the day!

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