Sunday, April 25, 2010

My Favorite Things About Hiking

(my feet)

I went hiking in the Blue Hills today, about 3 hours (I don't hike very fast) and nice hills. It's so nice to have a place to hike just a 1/2 hour away from home. As I often do when I hike, I started thinking about the end of the hike while I was still doing it and came up with this list of my favorite things (besides the whole being out in nature stuff) about hiking:

1. Thinking about eating after the hike. I always imagine wonderful meals in head, but usually come home and have hummus or something since it's easier.
2. Showering after the hike.
3. Bringing non-sweaty clothes to change into for the drive home. (This is the key to hiking joy.)
4. My Leki hiking poles. (This is the second key to hiking joy. And happy knees. And stronger arms.)
5. Post-hike napping.

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Ingunn said...

Heh, we have a rule that we're not allowed to talk about food until we're on our way down from the summit/lake/wherever our hiking destination was. There's nothing better than post-hike Mexican food and beer. Mmm.