Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Girl Needs Grains, And Protein

While it's nice to think that I have the stomach capacity to fit 87 cups of veggies, I just don't. And if what I'm eating (or not eating) is leaving me tired and listless on the couch on a gorgeous day, it's not going to work (that holds true just as if I had just eaten an entire deep dish pizza and couldn't move. Although the energy from not eating is more quickly remedied than recovering from overeating). So, I had a litte bowl of museli with milk and almonds and feel more human again. And am no longer constantly thinking about food.

I will continue on this path, making adjustments mindfully as my body needs them. Already I have figured out that eating more veggies than I have been lately is a good thing. And easy to do. And I remembered how much I love cauliflower.

I want to have the energy to walk and do yoga. And this is a continuing journey. So there may come a time when I have the time and space to do a different version of this cleanse. Or another.

For now the plan is:

Dinner: potato and leek soup with veggie broth.

Edited to Add: potatoes are sprouting. Dinner will be eggplant and some lentils. And an evening walk.

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