Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Magic of Moving

My dad used to have this annoying habit of prescribing "exercise and stretching" for almost every physical or mental ailment we'd have.

The thing is, he was right. The wretched insomnia that I had for a month or so? Gone after my yoga practice became regular. No, one class didn't cure it. But practicing 4 - 5 times a week for a few weeks and I sleep like a rock now.

And now I have some horrid pain in my calves after my hike on Sunday. As soon as I stand up and try to walk, I look like Frankenstein at age 92, lurching and hobbling. But if I keep walking, they unstiffen and I look mostly normal. And the more I walk and stand today, the better they feel. So, I'm heading to the old lady yoga class after work.

And when my sciatic pain (maybe I am 92) flares up, it's from being sedentary for too long and I know I have to keep moving and get all those muscles loosened and strengthened.

And stress? Yes, moving helps. Whether it's hiking or biking or a slow yoga class - I always feel better afterwards.

And at 76 my dad is still able to hike every single day and get through a Maine winter in a cabin the woods, so I think I'll keep listening to him!

What are you moving today?

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