Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Test

(dinosaur kale)

Tonight I'm home from work at 5. And I'm hungry. I want to pick. Monday I had my massage, so I wasn't home until 6:30. Yesterday I was out at yoga until almost 7. I got home those nights and calmly made dinner. I avoided the 5 o'clock hungries. But now here I am with great swaths of time before me and I'm hungry. I knew this would happen, which was why I scheduled out-of-the-house time the first few nights.

My sister who was doing this with me, sort of, emailed to say she ate egg salad. Not helpful. I love egg salad. And I have to cook a brisket that I was corning for my other sister (before I started this). Not helpful. I love brisket.

And I don't want lentils.

Ok, breathe. Think. What is there? Leeks, mushrooms, kale. A great big saute with some basmati rice? Yes.


Ah, rice is done. Olive oil is drizzled. Veggies are done. Dinner is served. Brisket is safely in the pan and cooking. Hungries have died down. Crisis averted. English muffin spotted at the back of the freezer not eaten.

Feeling this hunger is like holding a yoga pose. Breathe. Trust your body. Find your edge.

Now, what's for dessert?

P.S. Dessert was a bit of brisket. Grass-fed, happy, home-made, salty, delicious brisket.

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