Thursday, April 29, 2010

Building the Foundation

Yoga class last night was billed as a Foundation class. That means there is more work done on alignment and no headstands or crazy poses. There were 3 older women, and 3 younger women. The teacher said to a few of us who'd been in her other classes "You know this is a Foundation class right?" as though we'd want something else.

But, I always learn something new no matter what the class, and I love the teacher so it made sense for us all to be there.

We worked on some balance poses. I find that I'm better able to get into tree pose (vrksasana), if I focus on a tree outside the window and pretend that I am a tree. I think I need to practice those on my own time also so I can spend some time falling out of the pose and holding the pose and making adjustments as I hold it. Just as she is guiding us out of the pose, I'm sometimes finding my balance and growing taller.

My hamstrings are lengthening and I love it.

I've been following my hunger as my guide and not tracking on Sparkpeople or weighing myself - I'm on day 4 I think. I find that I need to eat early and often in the beginning of the day, breakfast at 6:30, fruit at 10, lunch around 11, another meal at 4pm (usually hummus, pita carrots, and fruit), then yoga at 6, and by the time I get home at 8 I'm still full and maybe just have milk and fruit. It's working for me to not say "no lunch yet it's not noon, here have some pretzels." Much better to just eat the rice/lentil/butternut squash. Yum!

And every time I want to get the scale out from under the bed, I just remind myself "none of the goals I want to achieve have anything to do with my weight." Next step, removing the scale from the room. Then the house.

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Peace Love Nutrition said...

I need to take a class like this. I usually do Vinyasa Yoga but I would like to perfect my poses more. I'm addicted to Yoga! I started taking classes about 3 months ago and I can't get enough : )