Friday, April 25, 2008

Unhurried, curried lunch

I had heartburn or something this morning.  My stomach felt all weird. I took some Tums and visualized a happy belly and it felt better in an hour or two. I was afraid that the spicy lunch I packed (arugula, brown rice, curry and spicy sausage) would not be welcomed at lunch, but it was. I love spicy food. In addition to the flavor, it makes me eat more slowly because there is more input in terms of sensation.  I read somewhere once that people who overeat are "low tasters" meaning they don't taste things as much as "high tasters" so they need to eat more for their brain to register that they are full.  That is why I often add hot sauce to my macaroni and cheese, I get full faster.  

I didn't measure the food in the bowl, but the bowl holds 3.2 cups and I'd say there was a good cup of space left at the top, and the bottom was filled with fluffy arugula until I microwaved it and it wilted.  This is the bowl I bring my lunch in every day. It is the perfect size, and keeps from from filling up a larger container with more food just to fill the container.

I have a little piece of the chocolate from yesterday for dessert.

Now I am just full enough.  

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