Monday, April 28, 2008

Better than Reece's

I came home from work very hungry.  This would definitely have been an English Muffin afternoon, had there been any in the house. Instead, I decided to have some peanut butter which would hold me over until I figured out what to make for dinner.  But, plain peanut butter didn't really appeal to me, so I chopped an ounce of chocolate into 3 pieces, measured 1 tablespoon of peanut butter and then sprinkled it with some black salt (from Trader Joe's) and some kosher salt. 

It is a beautiful and tasty little snack.  I wish I had milk. 

It clocks in at 230 calories, which leaves me plenty of flexibility for dinner. And taking the time to arrange it prettily, and get it ready for its photo shoot really helps with impulse eating. 


Jessica said...

that is not making me hungry OR crave chocolate or a peanut butter cup. not at all.

Amy! said...

um. wow. that's all i'm gonna say!