Saturday, April 26, 2008

Second Walk or Don't Always Believe The Map

We started out well - we had a map, we had a plan. And the map was great for a while. And then it decided to stop working, and the path (which was not on the map) we were on through the woods of Turkey Hill took us here (not quite the woods we had in mind):

So our nature walk turned into walking down a rather busy road past a very busy ice cream hut:

until we finally reached the Great Swamp: (that's me)

This is Jess

The walk turned out to be 90 minutes. There were lots of up hills, very pretty woods, no bugs and perfect temperature.

My planned trip to Whole Foods afterwards to get zucchini to make Black Bean and Corn Wontons was aborted due to Tired Legs and Dread of Crowds. Now I'm lying in bed with my feet up and feeling quite accomplished for the day.

You can read Jess's version of our adventure on her blog.


Jess said...

Great pictures! I stole them for my blog. If I ever get famous. I will give you credit. Actually, when I get famous, I will give you credit. Postive thinking!

Amy! said...

AHAHAHAHAHAH seriously i'm laughing at you both. hingham lumber what a SCREAM