Sunday, April 27, 2008

Fajita Night

Fajitas are one of my favorite things to eat. It is how I get in lots of veggies, and I love salsa and they are always filling. Tonight I used my small new cutting board, which helped control the amount I could chop (and therefore eat), I also set 2 tortillas out and made sure the food I was making would fit in only 2 tortillas, and I wouldn't be tempted to go back for more.

It was about 8 oz. of shrimp, 2 large mushrooms, half a zucchini, a small piece of onion and maybe a 1/2 cup frozen peppers. And roasted tomato and chipotle salsa.

After putting the foods into Sparkpeople, I found that I had room for sour cream, which added the perfect creaminess.

I've cleaned the kitchen, prepped the coffee, put the oat meal and flax seed in a bowl for the morning, packed my lunch and now I'm having tea. One more walk with the dog in a few minutes, then she'll be quarantined in the kitchen overnight and I will head upstairs for my 50 bicycle crunches before bed.

The day is ending much better than it began, and hopefully that will continue into tomorrow.

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Amy! said...

This looks REALLY good!!! I'm going to have to remember this as fast and healthy and easy!