Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Good Moon Rising, Actually, Setting

I woke up around 5:30 a.m. I could see the moon out my window, still bright, even though it was light out. And the birds are getting louder in the mornings. How could I not get up then? I realized that I will never be sorry that I got up early. I will never regret that I took an extra walk or ate something healthy.

I need to plan new routines like going to the high school and running up and down the bleacher stairs (as long as there are not people there) or finding some place that has those fitness stops like a Menatomy Park in Arlington that has pull up bars and things every so often. I don't want to keep walking the same route over and over. I want to trick my muscles and confuse them so they get stronger and stronger.

I'm sleepy, and hungry but not quite ready to eat, and I think I might walk to the train station this morning, then take the little loop up the second road. That will have 2 small but long hills, and will be longer than my usual route.

I think that morning beach walks have to start soon. Because I will bike there, too.

Alright, breakfast was eggs in a tortilla and coffee. And I'm feeling more awake which is good because it is quarter to 7, and almost time to walk. Shoes are going on, computer is going off.

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