Friday, April 25, 2008

Just Plugging Away

Nothing new and exciting to report.  Dinner last night was beets, salad and a little couscous. It was perfect for a lovely summer eating with the girls.  As I was driving home, I realized that if I still had english muffins in the house I would eat one when I got home, but since I didn't have any, I wouldn't be eating anything.  I wasn't hungry and didn't need more food. 
I got up at 6 and walked with the dog in the yard for 10 minutes and now I'm having coffee and getting ready for my own walk, and planning my lunch for the day. I'm think of brown rice, arugula, and curry with some spicy sausage.  Maybe beets. All of those things are prepped and in my fridge, so it's very easy to just mix and match depending on what I feel like eating on any given day.


Went walking. Thought I had picked a nice long route but it only turned out to be 30 minutes. Did about 15 minutes of hand weights and sit ups. Tried to do some exercise from a tear-out from Self Magazine, but couldn't figure them out.

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