Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Almost Dinner

Home around 4 p.m. Hungry. Thankfully there is nothing in my house that is quick to eat, so I can't just munch on something while I think about dinner. And there is no wine either.

I wanted to do something that involved moving but was feeling sleepy so I decided to do a little bit of yoga, and then lie on the floor to exercise. This is what can be done while you lie on the floor - bridge pose, crunches (or reverse crunches using legs in a slow bicycle if you are too tired to lift your head and torso up), different weight liftings for chest and triceps. I got a nice bit of work in and then just lay there for a while resting.

Now I'm thinking about dinner. I'm hungry. I am thinking of shrimp, angel hair pasta, broccoli rabe and some Parmesan cheese, and maybe some ricotta.

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