Sunday, April 20, 2008

My Very Own Fitness Blog

Everyone else has one apparently, so I wanted one, too.

As for the title, well, I love beets, I love butter and I love mountaintops. And one of my goals is to be here around the end of August, with warm up trips to Lafayette (one of my favorites) and perhaps my old faithful friend Kinsman.

I don't count points or eat anything sugar free, "lite", or "diet." I do eat grass fed beef, pastured eggs from one of a few farms near me, real butter (although less of that since I stopped eating english muffins), beets, kale, arugula, coffee, brown rice, sushi, chocolate chips for dessert, and whatever else I think my body wants to eat. Another goal is to really listen to my body when it tells me what it wants to eat (and doesn't want to eat.) Lately it seems to want yellow foods - gold beets and grape fruit. And it really wants the farm stand to open so I can have baby arugula. Nothing like the bitter greens of spring to cleanse the liver. Ooh, and the raw goat milk that will be ready in May.

I will tell you at some point how much I weigh, and what my measurements are - maybe, but I will definitely keep you up to date on what I'm doing, eating and accomplishing. And in later posts I explain how I came to be this heavy, and what I think of it.

The golden beets of happiness. Boiled, then cubed with salt and pepper. They are the perfect addition to any meal.
Tonight's dinner, prepared in my tiny kitchen. The stove and counter are all one piece so dishes cannot be drying at the same time food is being prepared. It makes me be more tidy, less cluttery. I wish for a smaller cutting board. Anyway this is what it is: 1 piece of sirloin (fat trimmed and given to the dog), some onion, peppers, kale all seared with salsa, the wrapped in a tortilla (or 3) with more salsa. Less meat than I normally use, but they were perfect. The onion I chopped was too much, so I now have some partially cooked onion waiting to be made into something else.
mmmmmm. a few chocolate chips for dessert topped everything off perfectly. And since all the cool kids are cutting back on their wine intake, I figure I might try that as well. So, just water with dinner.

Other changes I've made so far:
  1. I have not eaten english muffins with butter in 3 weeks. These were the bookends of my days but then I ran out (after years of making sure I never ran out of those whole wheat english muffins) and the world didn't end so I wrap my eggs in a tortilla now, and I have no need to snack on tortillas, unlike the english muffins which were pretty much the yummiest things in the world when spread with butter and sprinkled with salt. You'd think that having given them up might have lead to some weight loss, but no, it seemed to lead to a 3 pound gain.

  2. I clean my kitchen before I go to bed. This means I also fix my lunch - which is usually brown rice, a vegetable (kale and beets are this week's choices) and then chicken, shrimp or steak, although I might make some chick pea curry for one of the days this week. I like a sort of routine with what I eat.

  3. I walk every morning for at least 30 minutes, and longer on the weekends.

  4. I go to bed early (it is 8:41 pm and I'm posting from bed) and get up early (alarm is set for 5:30 am, I'll probably be up by 5:45.)

  5. I've actually gone to bed feeling a little bit hungry the past few nights.

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