Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sleepy Sunday

Sometimes the way to fix a day that just keeps going wronger and wronger is to just take to bed. So I did. After walking the dog again, and cordoning her in one room just in case, I went to Whole Foods and actually stuck to my entire list: zucchini, tortillas, wonton wrappers, oatmeal, broccoli, and eggplant. Then I came home and put the dog back outside, and lay in bed for a while, and napped for a hour. I was very confused when I woke up and thought it was morning, but was glad when I realized it was only 3:30.

I was lulled to sleep by podcasts of Jillian, the trainer from Biggest Loser. Did you know that the people on the Biggest Loser worked out for 10 hours a day?? That is insane. If they weren't losing enough they would put on a 40 pound weighted vest to burn more calories. No wonder the girl who won lost an average of 16 pounds a week. But the podcasts are interesting because she really encourages people to eat whole foods, not processed things, and to not cut their calories too low (unless you are trying to win a reality show....)

I tracked my food on Sparkpeople today and the eggs, tortilla, lamb chop, piece of chocolate, Trader Joe's chili lime chicken burger, other tortilla, arugula, and OJ has added up to 876 calories. Sparkpeople allots me between 1490 and 1840 per day, and I set my cardio goal at 45 minutes per day or burning 325 calories per day, or 2280 per week. I usually do more than 45 minutes per day on the weekdays, and extra on the weekends, but I put in the lower number to give me flexibility. My hour of walking burns 423 calories and I can easily do that every day. Then my other exercise, longer walks, etc. will just be a bonus.

I don't know what is for dinner yet. Every time I have a meal, I can't think about the next one. Everything just sounds gross. So when I get a little hungrier I'll figure something out. My Sparkpeople tracker says I haven't had much fiber today, so maybe something with beans, ooh, or the eggplant. I love eggplant with its spiciness. Maybe eggplant and white beans with pasta? Any ideas?

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