Monday, April 21, 2008

Coffee. Yum.

Up at 6:00 a.m. Started the coffee, which is always prepped the night before, and took the dog out for a short walk. I was hungry when I came back. Breakfast was 2 eggs in a whole wheat tortilla. The eggs were cooked in a little bacon fat, which adds lots of flavor. My little dish of bacon fat is getting rather low, as I have not cooked bacon in a while. I suppose I need to restock.


The coffee was, and is, delicious. It was a blend of Ethiopian from Red Eye Roasters, and Pleasant Morning Buzz from Whole Foods. The Ethiopian tastes like blueberries if you drink it alone, so I mix it with something else. A little sugar and half and half, and it's heavenly. And the Red Eye Roasters is roasted in Hingham (you can get it at Whole Foods.)


I'm going walking at 7:15 a.m. Maybe 7:20 since I haven't finished my coffee yet and it's 7:05.


I went walking at World's End yesterday. I got home from Tom's and before doing anything else I put my shoes on and went to World's End. But, I didn't drink enough water throughout the day and was a little hungry so the walk was not good. And my pant legs kept catching on my shoes (note to self, while the lululemon Reverse Groove yoga pants are really cute, and make your bum look good, the boot cut legs make them inappropriate for hill walking.) So I was cranky and slow, and cut it short on the far side of the second hill (drumlin?) but it was still 45 minutes on what could have been a very lazy Sunday evening.


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