Saturday, April 26, 2008

Not even first breakfast

Saturday morning, 8:30, having coffee. The boy was here and I made him eggs in a tortilla, but I am not hungry yet so I'm just having coffee. I'm out of eggs and have to trek a ways to get more, but maybe the nearby farm has some.

My goals today:
  • do sit-ups - done

  • lift hand weights - done

  • bike or walk - somewhere new, Turkey Hill, W.E., something hilly. -- done. Walked to Weir River Farm for some eggs. A 1 hour walk. Very nice day. Should have drank more water before I left.

  • eating plan
    • breakfast : ? rye cereal maybe? I'll wait to see what strikes me when I'm hungry -- done, rye cereal it was.

    • lunch: curry and rice and arugula - done. Curry, rice, spicy sausage. No arugula. A piece of chocolate to finish it off. And water.

    • snacks: beets, grapefruit, raisins

    • dinner: lamb and some sort of vegetable

  • stay off the scale - not done.

  • take measurements

  • stay hydrated

  • remember that one will not instantly become svelte and toned.

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