Saturday, April 26, 2008

Saturday Evening Post

Dinner: An artichoke. I love these. They have a magical flavoring in them. I like to push all the leaves back and pick out the spiky bits to throw away, and then eat it. They are so yummy and filling.

And lamb chops from Trader Joe's. Yum. Salt and pepper and that is it. The fat gets trimmed and given to the dog, except I found out tonight that too much of the fat will cause some intestinal issues in the dog, which resulted in my going on yet another walk.

My right knee hurts, the inside part (not inside inside, but like the inner part of my leg). I'm sure it will feel better in the morning. I'm so sleepy now and will be going to bed. Yes, it is 8 pm. No, I don't care. I will read for a bit.

This is how many calories my walk and hike burned today:
Walking 4 mph 433
Hiking 749
Total Calories Burned 1,182

Tomorrow I will take real before pictures (not the ones where I pose to the side and bend my leg). I might not post them yet, but I will take them. And I'll measure things.

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nmbr1soxfan said...

Thank you so much for the great comments you left on my blog. I truly appreciate the great ideas you have! When I first tried to cut back to my points range I would do wonderful all day long (at work) and then come home and ruin the whole day because I would be so starving that I would just stuff myself! I thought that the headaches might have been due to trying to cut out my biggest vice (soda) too quickly...

Now I need to find a way to cut back to those daily points allowance. I think that making a list is a great idea and I am going to do that right now (before I head to the grocery store for my weekly shopping).

Thanks again and I'll keep checking back!