Tuesday, April 22, 2008


The curry has tamed down a bit, and is just spicy enough. The kale is awesome, cooked with garlic, Braggs and crushed red pepper. And the beets are lovely.

Feeling sufficiently hungry, and not stressed or rushed at all. It is a beautiful day out.

Reading this blog, Gotta Get Shrunk, while I eat. She loves lululemon clothes, too.

This is my pile of lulu, along with socks and bandanas: It is in my bedroom, by the door, so I can grab an outfit on my way downstairs in the morning. That is the key for me - having everything right where I can grab it, shoes untied and ready for my feet, socks paired and right-side out, and a stash of cute things that I want to wear.

My lunch is very filling, and I'm eating it slowly.

I'm done eating. This is what is left:

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