Thursday, April 24, 2008

Chocolate Nibs and Farro Grains

Sometimes the afternoon post brings just the right thing. Like a little box of organic raw chocolate from Snake & Butterfly Chocolate, a new little operation in California. The camera didn't really capture the funky little designs on the top of the smaller piece; the larger piece has chocolate nibs which is what the texture on top is.  The camera also failed to capture the lovely, smooth, dark chocolate taste, the kind that satisfies you with just a small piece. 

Lunch was at
Burton's Grill and I had a chicken dish with Farro, which is one of my favorite whole grains. It is like a very chewy oat or barley type of grain. You can find it at Whole Foods but try not to look at the price on the package because I think it is $7.00 for a pound.  However,  it is filling and healthy, and well worth it.  Burton's is a nice place because the servings are normal sized and not some gigantic thing that you either force yourself to finish and then feel gross, or take home "for dinner" but really eat in between lunch and dinner because really it was part of your lunch.  I wish I had remembered to take a picture of my lunch, it was quite pretty.  

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