Monday, April 28, 2008


I was thinking this morning while walking the dog (I get up, turn the coffee on, walk the dog, drink coffee & eat breakfast, then go on my own walk) that this new regimen is fine as long as I prepared and eating at home. However, I know there will be times when I am not prepared or I'm going out to eat, or I'm exhausted and just want pizza from Upper Crust. So, I was thinking how I was going to face these challenges.

1. When I Want Pizza: I make very good pizza. Usually, though, I make a batch of dough, cut it in half, and use half the dough to make a thin crust pizza. I think what I will experiment with is making 1/2 a batch, and then using half of that dough to make pizza, which will be just as satisfying, but smaller. I will try that this week.


Now I'm home from my 50 minute walk. I'm going to do my crunches and then get ready for work.

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