Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Fox and the Gardeners

First of all, if anyone knows how to prevent the smooshed paragraphs that show up after the  nicely spaced first paragraph, please tell me. I've tried redoing the font and alignment, but nothing it helping and it is making me batty. 

I walked for 45 minutes this morning. Up a new hill, and back down, then half way up the first dead end road on my route.  But there was a little fox walking up the road ahead of me. He'd go into the woods and then come back out, and look back at me and the trot on. It seemed strange that he'd be out at that hour (a little after 8) since I thought they were nocturnal, so I thought perhaps he was rabid and that I'd rather not be at the end of a dead end road with him so I bid him goodbye and turned back.  

Then I went up the last dead end road on my route. The gardeners and landscapers were already all out working and I was again prevented from finishing my route as it would have involved passing a gentleman relieving himself next to his landscaping truck.  Lovely. 

I'll try to head out a little earlier next time. 

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