Monday, April 28, 2008

Bonus Points, or A Body In Motion Tends to Stay in Motion*

I just took the dog for a walk in the rain. Actual rain. Not drizzle. And an actual walk, not a short trip around the yard saying "come on, good girl, go poops." This was a full-on, rain-coated, reflectored, 15 minute walk. The perfect way to end the day. And the dog walked fast because of the rain so it was at a nice pace, and not the usual "walk 10 steps, stop and sniff for 5 minutes, walk 1 step, sniff, walk 2 steps, repeat."

I think all my walking has gotten into my blood and my body enjoys the walking now and is more likely to continue walking than to stop.

Although, I do have to say that I hate walking in the rain. I hate it when my hands are wet. This might explain my aversion to washing the dishes, and is perhaps the sign of some sort of sensory integration disorder. What do hikers do when they hike in the rain? Do they just deal with wet hands? This I must find out.

*Newton's First Law of Motion

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Let it Flow said...

Waterproof gloves. And I'm trying to think about whether or not I have them or if I deal with wet hands because we have spent many hikes and camping trips in the rain. I, too, do not enjoy being wet. Gortex gear from head to toe (waterproof socks, too).