Tuesday, April 22, 2008

After Dinner

ugh. I ate dinner: pasta, shrimp, broccali rabe, and cheese. I had measured out a 1/2 cup of dry pasta, and then added an extra 1/4 cup to the pot, you know, just in case. Just in case what? Just in case 1/2 cup isn't enough? Just in case I starve to death on that tiny amount of pasta? Just in case there is nothing else to eat if I am still hungry when I'm done? And because I eat whatever I cook, I feel gross and full.

So, the next time I have pasta, I will cook exactly 1/2 a cup and not one piece more. In fact, to lessen any anxiety around the size of the serving, I might cook a 1/2 cup of pasta when I am not hungry just to see that it will actually fill the bowl and be a good dinner.

On the other hand, I normally cook a full cup of dried pasta, so this was still an improvement.

I also realized that I was too hungry at dinner which led to my poor choice. I needed something in between. I will prepare some carrot sticks and them them in the fridge to eat with a little peanut butter for next time.

I did go for an after dinner walk with the dog which was nice. Perfect temperature. Still light.

Lunch tomorrow is out somewhere with my old boss. Walk is on for tomorrow morning. Kitchen is clean. And dry steel cut oats are sitting in a pan with some ground flax seed waiting to be cooked tomorrow morning with blue berries. Yum!

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