Friday, April 25, 2008

Afternoon Snack Time

So, I was feeling a bit peckish and wondering what to do about it when I remembered that I had left over raisins and sunflower seeds from my hike on Saturday. I would post a photo but blogger is being cranky. Anyway, I found a meauring cup in the office cupboard, and it appears that there is a 1/2 cup of this mix.  I put it in a plastic glass which is quite narrow which makes it difficult to take more than a few pieces at a time. I didn't do this on purpose, but it is making me eat very slowly.  I will probably only eat about half of the mix, since the seeds are unsalted and therefore not very interesting.  

I am trying to motivate myself to get my work done so that I can leave early but new clients keep calling so maybe I should stay a bit longer.  

1 comment:

Amy! said...

There is a solution to that Leanna.

Tilt the glass in ones mouth! HAHAH Kidding!

That's the old me talking :P I'm eating carrots with yogurt blue cheese dressing right now. YUM