Monday, May 10, 2010

Wheel Pose, F*ck Yeah. Again.

This was me tonight. Not this actual picture, it's from Yoga Journal, but this pose. It was me. I was it. Three times in a row. Three lovely, uplifting, strong, joyous times.

I could hardly stand it. Not the pose, that I went up into with joy and surprise since it was the first time (and second and third) it has felt that good. But the joy I felt up there was amazing. Like, all this work - this is what it gets me. Up in the air, strong and happy.

The whole class got up. A motley crew of shapes and sizes, including the girl (of larger size) next to me who hovered in chaturanga like she was a bumble bee. She was so large and so strong and so light. It was a sight to see. I know you are supposed to keep your eyes and mind on your own practice, but as I plop to my knees in that pose I like to see where other people's arms are so I can get a feel for what to do. And I sometimes think "well, if I were lighter, this pose would be easier," but watching my neighbor yet again I saw that size has nothing to do with yoga.

It was an anusara class which means we flung open a bunch of the poses to open our hearts up, maybe that's what helped me get up into urdvha dhanurasana (wheel) and what I can't stop using the word "joy" to describe how I feel.



Philip Werner said...

When I do wheel I feel full of energy for hours afterward. It is the best! You've got to tell me what studio you're going to. I am really enjoying your yoga posts.

laine said...

Thanks! It's Dancing Crow Yoga in Hingham. It's right off Route 3. I have noticed a huge difference in my leg strength while hiking after doing yoga for a few months on a regular basis again.