Friday, May 28, 2010

No Sweat

I did not remain feeling like a beached whale the entire, despite my lack of posting. I went to the Tuesday night Foundation Class (where I realized that it is easier to balance if my friend with the paisley mat is in front of me, because my drishti can be on one of the paisleys and I don't topple over.)

Last night was the level 1/2 class and we did some forearm balance practice and I did 2 headstands. I worked on building the strength in my lats, triceps and lower arms since that is what I need to get me confident and strong enough to get up into hand stand and forearm balance. I felt nice and strong after class, and ready to go to the 8am class this morning. Just after my coffee and I spend some quality time together.

I bought a new day pack yesterday, in blue. When I first put it on, it felt all wrong but then the guy put a 10lb sand bag in it, and started adjusting all the straps and all of a sudden it felt perfect. Very glad I had help buying it or I would have left with nothing. My pack that I use now is, I think, a snow boarding pack. I bought it 5 years ago because it was smallish, but in the summer the very cushiony back makes my back very hot and sweaty and I get miserable about it. My new one has a mesh panel that sits away from the rest of the pack to allow air flow back there. This pleases me to no end. And it has a built in hydration bladder so I can hike without stopping for my bottles.

I think after 5 years, and all the little hikes I did last summer and so far this year, a new pack was just what I needed. The old one will be my winter pack, or a loaner if someone needs it.

Off to yoga!

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