Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sleeping in Shoulderstand

What can I say about class today? I was grumpy, cranky, sweaty, tired, sore, and when we attempted Vishnu's couch (anantasana) I became positively miserable because I couldn't balance and was very annoyed. I remained annoyed through Sun Saluation B (with chair pose) and too many planks to count, until she said we were going to do salamba sarvangasana, supported shoulder stand and my favorite pose.

Oh, how I love that pose. The teacher was helping the other people in class with it, so I just went up and rested there. It is such a peaceful pose, I could almost nap in it. It restored my energy and lifted my spirits and I felt much better for the rest of class.

Every single one of my muscles is sore right now.

I went to the farmer's market after class. Not too many veggies yet, but I did get hummus, baba ganoush, fresh pita and fresh ravioli.

My house is in desperate need of cleaning, which needs to commence now.

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