Saturday, May 8, 2010

How Not To Eat

Just a reminder to myself, and a word of caution to others. The following meal plan is a sure way to screw up your stomach and spend most of a torrentially rainy Saturday inside and lying around.

3pm Friday: Fried clams. Sam Adams. So good.
Restorative yoga class Friday night. So relaxing.
9am Saturday: 1/4 pita with almond butter, coffee. Could feel on the way to class this wasn't enough.
1.5 hour Level 2/3 yoga class.
12:30 Saturday: glass of milk. Kept trying to figure out what to eat. Nothing seemed good.
2pm Saturday: 1/2 bowl of brown rice, cabbage, egg, butternut squash. Couldn't finish. Belly not happy.
7 pm Saturday: 2 slices of Upper Crust pizza. (Belly needed carbs.)

I should have had something small Friday night. I should have had a hard boiled egg or something more at breakfast. I should have had a yogurt drink maybe after yoga to get some easily digestible calories in. I should have planned the entire 2 days better.

The pizza helped and hopefully by tomorrow I won't feel crappy, but let this be a lesson to me: be prepared. And take care of your body so it can do what it needs and wants to do.

Now I'm just going to lie in bed and watch Netflix.

What are your tips for pre and post workout meals?

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