Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Slug Day

No class last night. Oysters last night. And soft shell crab over pea shoots. And a few mussels. Yum. And some cake. I was like the mother at the table finishing everyone's dinner so it didn't go to waste. Because you can't waste soft shell crab or mussels.

And I watched the Biggest Loser and got all teary eyed, of course.

Today is grey and rainy and I feel sluggish and lazy. Like I could start to slide off track. Skip class. Go home and have pizza and lie around.

It's the sort of day you wish you had your own little Heidi bed to cozy up in (like the one in the cabins we stay at when we visit my dad, pictured above. It's a little bed built into the wall with bookshelves around it. It's awesome to lie on with your sister or niece and drink wine).

And my yoga teacher is taking a little vacation which means I have to get used to a new teacher.

All these forces conspiring to send me home and aweay from the gray rain. I promise I'll roll out the mat when I get there.

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