Friday, May 14, 2010

Not a Fluke

(photo from yoga journal, link below)

My urdhva danurasanas (upward bow) poses the other night were not a fluke. We did more last night! And practiced dancer pose. For some reason last night my size 10 feet shrunk to the size of a postage stamp when I was trying to do balance poses. I swear I could feel one of them shrinking in on itself while I stood there.

We first practiced dancer just standing in the middle of the room, working on the balance and pushing our foot into our hand. Then we went over and stood in front of the wall so we could use the wall for balance with our front hand, and could then really concentrate on the back bend part of it and getting that feeling down while not worrying about toppling over. Then we practiced without the wall again. I need to work on more balance poses and visualizing my foot growing and rooting rather than shrinking.

I'm going to the 8am class this morning. It's only an hour and I might be the only one there so the teacher asked what I wanted to work on. I ran through my head of what I've worked on this week: forward bends, back bends, twists, inversions, balances. Quite a week. "Do you want to work on abs?" she said. Oh, yes, that's what was missing. So 8am core yoga it is.

I want to get some stretchy fabric and make myself some wide bands to hold my hair back. I have some bandanas but they sometimes slip out. And then I want to retrofit some of my yoga tops with an additional few inches of fabric on the bottom so they don't come up when I go upside down. I'll have to post a picture of the lululemon top I had to retrofit so that it actually fit a person with a large bust and not just what lululemon thinks a person with a large bust looks like. I'm going to be sewing eye pillows for the studio, so I might as well sew some more things if I'm firing up the machine.

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