Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Drop and Twist

I just dropped half of an english muffin with goat milk brie on it into the dog's water dish. Oh how sad. And sadder that I thought for a half second, "can I somehow still eat that?" Don't worry, it's in the trash.

Yoga was awesome tonight. It was a nice slow, quiet class. We did twists and forward bends which feel so good and wringy. When we were doing paschimottanasana (seated forward bend) the teacher came over and put her feet right in front of mine, so my feet had to stay flexed. Then she leaned forward and held my feet, and I leaned forward and held her feet. That definintely helped get me deeper into the pose (and put more of the stretch in my calves.) I love hands on (0r feet on) adjustments.

My left side is much tighter than my right. I notice it in so many postures, and even the rolls of flesh on that side of my waist seem to be more in the way. That might be because I'm collapsing more when I bend to that side so they just feel more in the way. I will try to remember during my home practice to give some more time to Ole' Lefty.

Good night!

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