Sunday, May 16, 2010

Best dinner ever

Hike. Yoga. Eat. Nap. Eat. Perfect Sunday.

2 boneless chicken thighs.
A bunch of chopped mushrooms.
2 chopped leeks.
A little goat cheese.
Milk with cornstarch.
Salt, pepper, sage.
Whatever pasta you like.

Put pasta water on and cook as directed. Chop chicken thighs into bite size pieces and saute. Add mushrooms, leeks, salt, pepper and sage. Cook over slow heat so the leeks don't burn. Add some goat cheese (or parm if you don't have goat), capers and the milk with cornstarch to make a little sauce. Add a little pasta water if it needs thinning. Keep warm. When pasta is done, gently mix it into the pan with the chicken & veggies. Check seasonings and enjoy!

The perfect early Sunday dinner for a hungry girl.

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