Friday, June 19, 2009

We now Return to Our Regularly Scheduled Caloric Intake

I was in the city yesterday which meant that my little routine of lunch and dinner was altered and I ended up eating out for those 2 meals. I also ended up getting about 45 minutes of fast walking in as I trotted around the city from the train to my destinations and back again.  

I ate at UFood Grill for lunch, which is healthy fast food. And healthy doesn't even need to be quotes, because it was. But I had a rather high calorie (and delicious) falafel wrap.  Then I went here for dinner and had steak tips. (that's what my dinner looked like, including the little rosemary sprig) And a Harpoon IPA. Both of which were again delicious, but pushed my caloric intake up over what I generally like it to be for the day.  

So, this morning, I tracked yesterday's calories in Sparkpeople, estimating dinner as best I could and then I moved on.  

My hamstrings are very stiff and sore from one of my yoga workouts combined with sitting in a conference for 7 hours yesterday.  And today I'll be sitting in a car for 3+ hours. But then I will be at the moutains and hiking, even if it's pouring rain.  So I'll try to stretch them gently today and do some walking before my drive so I'm not hobbling about tomorrow. 

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