Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dinner Yum!

Sometimes I get my dinner inspiration from a Twitter friend who tweets about work during the day, and dinner at night. Tonight, she said she was making this for dinner:
Tagliatelle With Leeks And Shrimp Recipe. And when I saw it was a recipe from Lidia's Italian Table I knew it would be very tasty, and it was! Sadly, I left my phone/camera at work so there is no photo, but it was pretty and pink and green and gold. The sauce was made by simmering the stock down, so not too much butter or cheese was needed. And I added some crushed red pepper for a little zing.

I also bought some jicama. It is really best mixed with some lime juice, chili powder and mint and eaten as a salad, but I'm snacking on a little of it in an attempt to get a little more fiber for the day. It tastes a bit like a raw potato. I think that maybe it will be best to save it for some sort of salad tomorrow, as I don't want to ruin the memories of my lovely dinner with the taste of raw potato.

As far as plans for moving tonight - probably going to be some bedtime yoga.

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