Sunday, June 14, 2009

Of Cabbages and Things

I made a bacon, kale, and cabbage fritatta yesterday.  That used up a few leaves of the giant cabbage, and was very yummy.  

Then I made some flatbread pizza for dinner with some cabbage ribbons on it. That was kind of weird.  I was going to make some stuffed cabbage leaves but that seems like a lot of work. For now the giant leaves are sitting in a bowl in my living room since my kitchen is too small to hold them and me at the same time. 

There's bread in the oven, which I am waiting for so that I can have some for lunch.  Making food from scratch is a good way to manage your eating, since you have to wait a while for things to be done.  Of course that only works if you don't keep anything else in the house to eat.  

Little else to report here. Tracking on Sparkpeople continues. Fitting into smaller pants continues. Lack of aerobic exercise hopefully coming to an end soon. 

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