Tuesday, June 9, 2009

This is How We Do It

We* just get up every day and put our shoes on and walk.  Whether or not we feel like it.  Whether or not we want to.  Although most of the time we want too. We plan our meals and our choices. We get the bike out of the shed and ride it. We just do these things. We become one of those people that you see who does those things. We realize that it feels good to move and be mindful of what is going into our bodies.  

*The royal "we." 

So, today I got up and put my shoes on and walked. Then after breakfast I did a resistance band workout for my arms.  Even after just one week of these renewed habits I can see and feel a difference.  

1 comment:

The Babe said...

This is so inspiring L! I might join you on this endevour!!!!

Where do you swim by the way?