Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Spa Meal

This is the kind of meal that I always think they would serve at Canyon Ranch.  "Wild caught turbot fillet (5 oz) over a bed of whole wheat couscous (3/4 cup) accompanied by local asparagus and roasted sweet potatoes." Although I'm not sure if they'd have the Sam Adams to go along with it. 

It is so pretty and tasty and healthy (700 cals for the whole thing including the beer. 64 grams of carbs if you count those, and 8 grams of fiber.) And it was fast to prepare, which was good since I was hungry.  The veggies roasted in about 15 minutes, the couscous was done in 5, the turbot in 6 or so. 

I must highly recommend this meal, or something like it. 

And the nice thing about an early dinner is that if/when I do yoga later, it will have had time to digest and not be sitting in my stomach while I attempt bow pose. 

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