Monday, June 22, 2009

Putting the Mountains in "Beets, Butter & Mountaintops"

The view from Bald Peak to the Mt. Kinsman summit. 
I finally made it to the mountains. It rained all week last week and I wasn't going to go to New Hampshire for the weekend because I thought it would just rain up there, but it didn't! It was a little grey and cloudy, but it was perfect hiking weather. 

The trail head was .6 miles from the lodge (it used to be .4 miles but we found it had been relocated .2 miles down the road.)  So, we walked a ways before starting the hike. (Someone dropped a car off for us at the trail head so we could drive back. Heaven.)  

This hike was the inaugural climb for my 4 year old niece and 1.5 year old nephew, who alternately walked, were carried or rode in some form of carrier.  When hiking with small children you cannot rely on book-time to determine how long of a hike you will take.  This hike to Bald Peak, including the walk to the trail head, took about 5 hours. Book time was 2 hours. But the pace did not seem overly slow, and the grown ups appreciated the rest stops and seeing a 4 year old with a little backpack and hiking pole trekking along singing quietly to herself makes for a rather nice hike.  

The trail was very pretty with lots of brook crossings, and at the top we were visited by a very large Newfoundland dog named Bella who apparently made the trip a few times a week with her owner.  

My feet hurt, which I think may be from my hiking shoes. They seem to make the soles of my feet hurt. And I then drove home for 3 hours after the hike which resulted in stiff muscles and my limping around Whole Foods as I picked up some provisions.  But I feel good today and hopefully some yoga tonight will help loosen things up. 

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