Saturday, June 13, 2009

Moving in the right direction

My scale and I, that is. Down 4 pounds. 30 to go.  And I seem to have hit the nice stride where I'm able to plan my meals and know what works to get me through the day (and what doesn't.)  

I have a gigantic leafy cabbage sitting in my living room. It's a thing of beauty, and now I get to figure out some cabbage recipes. Maybe moo shi something. Or kim chi. I had one leaf chopped up in a veggie fajita last night, but I'll need to eat more than that.  No wonder so many cultures have fermented cabbage as part of their diet. They had to preserve it since it grows so large.  It appears as though I need some sort of crock and perhaps a wooden mallet to pound the fermenting cabbage.  If I drew or was a photographer, I think I would draw a lot of pictures of this cabbage, or take its photo. It's weird to think that it started as a tiny seed and turned into this giant thing just from dirt and compost and sunlight.  I am not sure why this cabbage has touched me so, but it has. 

I haven't really been exercising too much. I do my sit ups and lift my hand weights most mornings, and I walk with the dog in the morning. The sun is back out after a week of grey and rain so there might be a bike ride in the works. And I have to see if I can remember how to heave the kayak up onto the top of my SUV without having it fall on me like I was Brett Michaels at the Tony Awards

For now, I'm finishing my coffee and then I'll go and see if there are any eggs at the farm (my landlady put the kibosh on my chicken project, she's getting on in years and the idea of chickens made her "uncomfortable"...) so I'll keep supporting my local farm for now.  

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