Monday, June 8, 2009

Just like a triathlon!

Sort of. 

I walked this morning with the dog and my coffee.  Well, first I rolled out of bed and onto the floor and did my sit-ups and some lifting of my 10 pound weights. It helps me wake up, and makes me think I'm still sleeping since I'm lying down.  

Then I make the coffee and put it in a travel mug and go out to walk with the dog. Sometimes I see my neighbor with his coffee and we do the coffee wave to each other. 

After work I had an errand to run, and I decided to take my bike. And wear my bathing suit under my clothes just in case the water was warm enough for a swim. And it was. It was refreshing and breath-taking and I can't wait for my after work swims. (Note to self: do not wear grey t-shirts to swim or you will look like a lactating mother on the bike ride home.) 

So, I walked and biked and swam today and it feels great! 

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