Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tuesday evening

A short post to keep me on track.

I have not eaten all the butter, just in case you were wondering. I took a loaf of the bread and some of the butter to The Boy's house. I have been eating 2 slices of the bread as toast in the mornings, and it does quite a nice job of keeping me filled up until lunch time. I will definitely be making more of it this weekend. The Boy will be

My exercise has really slacked off. When I had those few weeks of anxiety, I just really didn't want to be out moving, and I slept more. I think I've kicked it, though. (I will say that I used to discount people who got anxiety and thought they should just 'get over it'. Not anymore.) I did about 30 minutes of yoga on Monday morning which felt good, and then I meditated for 20 minutes. It led to a much more calm and focused day, and carried over into today. Most of this afternoon and evening it poured rain here, but it finally stopped and I got in a 20 minute walk with the dog. I saw a firefly.

And for those of you who didn't like the sometimes negative tarot cards (even though I told you those didn't count), here are some nice affirmation cards instead.

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