Saturday, June 21, 2008

Putting the Butter in "Beets, Butter & Mountaintops"

Today at Whole Foods I found organic, grass-fed, unhomogenized heavy cream. And you know what that means - homemade butter!
It starts off just like you are making whipped cream. You beat it for a while and nothing happens, and you wonder if anything will. And then.... passes quite quickly from whipped cream into something strange. I think mine skipped the whipped cream phase altogether, or else I blinked and missed it.  Then a minute or two later...
...the buttermilk starts to separate out and the butter solids start to clump together.  Pour off the buttermilk and keep beating for a while. 
Here's the buttermilk. 
And here's the butter! Then you sort of knead it with a spatula to get more of the butter milk out, and I salted it, too.  It has a very strong flavor because it is grass-fed.  I haven't tried it on the bread yet, I think I will wait for morning.  

Exercise today consisted of weeding about 80 pounds of garlic mustard and some other invasive vine out of the raspberry patch.  The poor plants were getting strangled by the weeds, so I spent some time in there this morning getting bitten by mosquitoes and trying not to get scratched on by the raspberry stalks.  Hopefully, they will be happier now and we'll have berries soon.
I'm going to walk the dog after dinner (which will probably be posted about as well.) 

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