Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sunday Sewing

I've been sewing all day. One outfit for a person who doesn't even weigh 20 pounds. But it is very cute and if I can find my box of buttons my little nephew wll actually be able to wear the outfit without its falling down.

So now it's 3pm, and while I've been standing for most of the day at my sewing table (otherwise known as the ironing board) I haven't done any actual exercise. So, I'm about to go to the hilly place by the ocean for a walk, before I come back and recommence my button search, and then start to sew a pair of shorts for my other newphew because the whole double sided crossed-bodice, snap crotch, and buttoned straps just isn't going to happen twice today - but I do want them both to have semi-matching outfits on the 4th of July

I made some more walnut raisin bread and have nibbled on that throughout the day. You can't really eat when sewing. I have a lot of kale and some garlic scapes that need to be made into something around dinner time.

The Boy has finished his 2-day 150 mile charity bike ride and should be arriving back around these parts by ferry sometime this evening.

And here are some not so good photos of the outfit.

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