Monday, June 16, 2008

Lunch Picture

Now that I have returned to blogging, I suppose I shall return to posting pictures of my meals. Even though a commenter on my last post wished that "weight loss bloggers" would not post pictures of food (which she may have been kidding about, especially since the picture was of whole wheat dough.) . Well, I'm not a "weight loss blogger" and I like posting pictures of my food so I will continue to do so. Hopefully it provides people with inspiration and ideas, and shows that losing weight is completely possible while eating whole foods rather than sugar free/fat free/prepared foods, etc.

Anyway, this is today's lunch. 2 chicken thighs, sauteed. Then I chopped up some asparagus and threw the lid on the pan while I blow-dried my hair. (I'm usually making lunch while I get reading in the morning.)  It needed some sort of grain, which I did not have, so I chopped up the heel-end of the bread and put that in the bottom of the bowl, and then put the other things on top. I also ground up a tablespoon of flax seed and sprinkled that on top, since flax seed oil is supposed to help with an anxious mind and overactive adrenals (which is what my acupuncturist said was the issue with the pounding heart - too much adrenaline.)
Breakfast was 2 slices of the whole wheat bread with a little almond butter.  I forgot to bring my yogurt.  Dinner will probably be some pork, and some more vegetables. 

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Amy! said...

I lvoe pics on blogs! Don't stop! is one of my favs for that, they inspire me!

also i want to do your little shrimp fajitas!

Now i need to get back into taking pics!