Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Productive Day & The Lazy Day

A post in 2 parts. The first was written Saturday afternoon. The second on Sunday evening.

When I awoke to find that the dog was feeling better (and that I didn't have to scrub the floor in the morning) the day seemed much brighter and better than the ones before it.

I was out and about by 9, trash and recycling to the dump, then to Homegoods for some frames and back home for breakfast by 10:30. I thought of skating, but it seemed to chilly and the house needs tending to. Hot dogs for lunch with cantaloupe and I'm trying make sure I drink plenty of water.

Now I'm working on a genealogy/art project and watching season 9 of BH90210 (with Hillary Swank, Kelly getting shot and then getting amnesia and who knows what else.)

A mostly lazy day. More of the genealogy project. Cleaned the kitchen. Did laundry. Cut grapefruit. But no exercise. No gym. Bah. Tomorrow I'll go after work. But I still need to blog even when I don't exercise.

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