Monday, February 1, 2010

In Which I Discover That I Love Butternut Squash

I've had 2 small butternut squash sitting on my counter for about 3 months. I bought them at the organic farm near my house thinking "Ah, yes, squash. The perfect vegetable to get me through the winter." The hearty souls, they just sat there patiently waiting for me. Because really I was thinking "ew, gross. squash. mealy. stringy. gaggy."

Then I had some butternut squash someone else made. Small cubes. Roasted. Yum. So I cut up those little squash, dice-sized cubes, drizzled with a little olive oil and roasted on 450* until they were nice and caramelized.

I cannot believe I spent so many years not eating this! I mixed it this evening with my some collards & kale that I'd chopped and sauteed with red onion & jalapeno, and some red lentils with garam masala and ate it with some pita. So colorful and perfumey and delicious.

And I figured I'd try tracking in Sparkpeople again and it was so amazingly healthy.

Breakfast: english muffin with peanut butter and milk.
Lunch: Annies mac & cheese, kale, butternut squash.
Dinner: lentils, kale, squash, wine.

I will commit to at least 20 minutes of walking tonight. And I may have had dinner early enough to do some yoga later. And I will bring my ice skates to work tomorrow and go for a spin around the rink after work.


Edited to add: I walked for 40 minutes. A flashlight (which doubles as a hand weight) and a pod cast
make quick work of a walk.

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