Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I am not the Biggest Loser

It would have been easy to feel like a big loser today. My lunch of lentils, squash and collards just wasn't cutting it. I picked at it but didn't eat all of it. So of course when I came home I was too hungry and ate too much for dinner. It could have spiraled from there but thankfully there are no snacks (or bread or butter) in my house so my dessert was the rest of the grapefruit I had cut up. (BTW, red grapefruit is very sweet and tasty.) Then I pouted and wished for cookies and moved on.

The Biggest Loser is on Hulu tonight so I watched some of it while I cleaned my kitchen and the rest while I lifted my hand weights, stretched and did my sit ups.

I need to be getting more aerobic activity. I hate walking at night in the dark and cold. I am walking or snow shoeing on Friday, but I need something during the week that I'll actually do. I think this means I'll be joining the gym that is located in between work and home. 30 minutes on the treadmill will be good, and if I can get over being creeped out by weight machines that other people have sweated on (even if they clean them off) I will use those too, otherwise I'll keep up with my weights at home. But, something must be done.

Now it's tea and quiet time.

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